Mapping and Addressing

  • Denise Fair, GIS Manager
  • 865-471-9022

The GIS or Geographic Information System contains every 911 address and allows our emergency communications specialist and emergency responders to quickly find locations and addresses as quickly as possible.


  • New road names must be submitted to the 911 Mapping and Addressing office. Please allow ten (10) working days for name approval.
  • New road names that are direct duplicates of existing road names will not be allowed.
  • If the 911 Director and the Mapping office cannot reach an agreement with the developer, the requested names will be brought before the 911 Board of Directors.

Please review the following tips to help avoid delays:

  • Be as creative as possible when thinking of road names.
  • Avoid common names such as Tree names, (Oak, Maple, Pine, etc.). Names with Lake or river are common and therefore poor choices.
  • Family names such as Jones or Smith are generally not a good idea. Property often changes owners and new owners will be inclined to try to rename the road.
  • Submit several choices.

Prohibited Usage for Street Names:

  • North, South East, West, or other directionals cannot be used for a road name.
  • References to a number such as Ten, First, Sixth.
  • Abbreviations of words or names.
  • A single alphabetical character cannot be used.
  • Duplicate street names are prohibited.
  • Phonetic duplicates.

Why are Addresses So Important?

An accurate and easily visible address is vital for rapidly locating a home or business in any emergency. It also promotes efficient mail and parcel delivery to businesses and residents.

How to Get Address Information?

For address information, call the Mapping and Addressing Office Line at 865-471-9022. If you reach the voice mail system leave a detailed message and our staff will return your call.

Addresses are assigned to structures on the parcel of property. It is not recommended to assign addresses for land as future developments could require changes. Addressing to subdivisions is acceptable with an approved  final plot on file with the Jefferson County 911 Mapping and Addressing Office.

What if an Address is Incorrect?

It is very important to have an address corrected as soon as possible. Incorrect addresses can cause confusion, inconvenience, and life-threatening delays in emergency response.

To get an address corrected or to verify the accuracy of an address, call the Mapping and Addressing Office at 865-471-9022.

Where Should Address Numbers Be Posted?

Having an address clearly posted and visible from the street will help emergency personnel locate a residence quickly.

  • Address numbers must be posted in a conspicuous place over or near the primary entrance or entrances.
  • If the building or structure cannot be easily seen or there is a long driveway off the roadway, the address numbers should be posted at the beginning of the driveway and again marked on the building itself.
  • The address numbers must be legible figures, not less than three inches high for residential uses, and not less than five inches high for commercial uses.

General Addressing

  • Buildings on the right side of the streets receive even numbers.
  • Buildings on the left side of the streets receive odd numbers.
  • A street address is assigned every one (1) foot.
  • Multiple structures on a lot receive a unique number for each structure.
  • Block numbers are assigned to road sections that extend from one intersection to another.
  • A road name has a base name and a road type (Drive, Road, Lane Way.)
  • Dead-end Streets are called Lanes.
  • Private easements are called Ways.
  • Some streets have directionals like E. Main or N Highway 92.